Kitten Pictures

Kittens in a lineThis page is for pictures of baby kittens. How cute!!!!






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 Newborn Kittens


41 Responses to Kitten Pictures

  1. allison says:

    i would like to buy alot of kittens. i love baby kittens so badly

  2. eveons says:

    nice pic,s

  3. Yvonne Heimler says:


  4. […] did two links above so… Something for the ladies. Kittens […]

  5. danny says:

    kittens = baby cats
    => baby kittens = redundant

  6. Im am looking for a kitten and am considering getting two I enjoy it so much watching two kitten stalk and chase each other . But My promblem is that I would like to find some mistake kittens with one parent being that of a full breed of ether MUST BE LONG HAIRED abd Bot be wreakdd haveto both be long hair if I get one but if two are purchased than I would like for at least, But I preferr that both be long hair
    g Himalayan or Persion Maybe a little mix there with an almost full bred and the other being even an ally cat in this mix in Kitten. I could buy right now, but I think my chances are real good by waiting for the end part of June to purchase , T am hoping very much that I am able to get all least one and if The price is right I would get two. I will be wanting them by the time its gets close to the end of the month of June this sumer because I have to be back home here in Casper I really do hope whoever reads this message will be able to help me find at least one So if you want you can call me as well at (307) 333-4173 and I will be the only one that would pic it up as I live alone and its going to have a new companion with me and I will wait and see if anyone ends up calling me and fill me with the information I will be needing Thanks Dave Smith

    • creepy clown says:

      its a shame your in america because i have 7 newborn kittens and in 6 weeks we will sell them!
      i wish we wouldn’t sell them though because they are soooooo cuute!!

      • So True, BUT Yes the good old BUT But they all grow up to be cats and lose a lot of playfulness and if you were to keep them all than you would just have more than your ability to love them all the same. Im disabled and I would like to have two because they never seem to get tired of chasing each other, which is so much fun to watch and In my disability, I live all alone and I tend to be very depressed and My Doctor wrote me a recommendation to have a compainion pet for mental health reson (Depression) sO I am omnly going to be in the Denver aerea from June 16 till the 20th and I really need to purchase if I have to so I can bring my new little best frien back home to wyoming with me here In Capsper. I can’t find any kittens but always tons upon ton of dogs and I can’t take real good care of a dog , walking the, cleaning up after them Kittens areso great and Im hoping to find a seal point Himalayan kitten ,

  7. carol says:

    OMG! there soooooooooooooo cute! I wish i could buy them, but i already have 2 cats and 1 kitten. the kitten is a calico kitten and she is gray,white,and like a tan or yellow. awwww! she just came up on me and sat on me and she is licking me and her name is isabella. i got her under a bush a she was free! and my other 2 cats are sassy and pops. pop’s real name is poppie. he is black and white on the tummy. sassy is grey and white and the white is on her tummy. and pops is pretty mean.

  8. carol says:

    cats are my fav!

  9. haley says:

    I love kittens !

  10. creepy clown says:

    3 days ago my cat had 7 baby kittens!
    they are adorable…. XD

  11. Lulu Coota says:

    I love cats there so cute I live in Alaska I’m 24

  12. delilah says:

    i loves kittens and cats i always been a cat person and i just wanna say that the kitten pictures are just so adorably cute.

  13. kristine says:

    hi my name is kristine and i want to have a ketten

  14. Still looking at the end part of June for hopfuly a tabby type seal point himalayan in the denver area, Saved my disability money to buy one then Would be nice to not feel like Im talking to myself because thats what I do and my new little best friend can fix that for me

  15. becky says:

    so adorable. Kittens have a cute little face. I love their eyes when they are tiny.

  16. punkrockchicksupreme says:

    I want one!

  17. christina says:

    they are so cutie

  18. lohgyn says:

    just adorable if i was there i would just eat those kittens up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. matt says:

    more kitten photos!

  20. Caroline says:

    Beautiful. Would buy if parents let me use my moneyy…. And gave me allowance

  21. Julia says:

    My kitten was 9 months old and she had to be put down because she had 8% of the blood a normal cat should have out of 36% and she was very sick, I miss her so much. Her name Is Marlene Halo T.
    I’m 11 years old and she died 3 days after my birthday. I cant bear her gone. She looked like the kittens in the 2nd picture down.
    I love you Marlene and kittens!

  22. Sorry about your kitten julia.kittens are my life.I even study them on the computer.I have a kitten myself.It was born in late may 2011. Hope you get another one………………………………..

  23. my kittens name is pinky because it has a pink nose……………..

  24. Lydia Ali says:

    What percentage of you play professionally?

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